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We are poised to evolve into the provider of the best solutions based on active investment and relentless R&D efforts.

DSO Co.,Ltd has made steady strides with a focus on traditional electrical/electronic adhesive tape industry and specializes in the production and sale of functional adhesive tapes used in home appliances, vehicles, ship, etc., and adhesive tapes for clothing application.

DSO has focused on adhesive tapes since its foundation in 1994 and has proceeded with exploration and research of new technologies, thinking out of box and endeavoring constantly. As a result, DSO has been thrust into the position of a leader in electrical/electronic industry and apparel industry.

DSO will cement its leading position in adhesive tape market with unrivalled competitiveness in Korea and make utmost effort for product development and quality control in oneness with customers as a partner fulfilling the promises with customers and satisfying their requirements.

CEO  Um Sang Yong